Playing Pokemon Go Has Positive Effects

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First of all, Pokemon Go is an interactive game, and it’s a game that makes you stand up and walk around town, hang out with other people, and always be on the move. That’s not a game addiction, and even if someone labels it as that, it’s not that bad of an addiction.

The primary idea of Pokemon Go was that the game won’t last long and it’s a rather silly idea.

Playing Pokemon Go can really improve your life in several different ways. We’ve made a list of four things Pokemon Go improves in its players after playing for some time.

Get Moving, and Improving Mental Health

It is well known that Nature and the outdoors are closely connected to, and provoke mental health benefits, and this is exactly what Pokemon Go promotes as well. If you play a game, you want to be good at it, and in order to be good at Pokemon Go you need to walk outdoors – A lot. There are Pokemons that you can capture all over town and basically everywhere where you walk. There are areas where a group of people needs to stop and fight a larger Pokemon (Called Pokemon Lures). The green areas and waterways are always richer and possess a plethora of Pokemons.

Good for your Business

There are situations where if Pokemon Go Stops or Pokemon Lures are in a really nice location, it can promote your café bar, fast food outlets etc. If it’s near a park, it’s always a good decision to walk in that café, refill after a walk of chasing Pokemons and get a chance to catch even more.

There are countless promotions including discounts for the number of Pokemons that you possess and other promotions all around bigger cities – don’t miss the opportunity.

Meet your Neighbourhood

Not only that you get to hang out in the park more often and take long walks in the waterways, but you will meet people that share the same passion as you do. Older guys, young kids or whatsoever are more likely to be more open to strangers which they share the same passion with.

There are countless of examples on the internet where friendships and relationships are being created on a base of Pokemon Go, building it up a lovelier Neighbourhood and, as we mentioned above, exploring the new parts of it as you go.

Dogs and Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go turned out to be a great application for dogs, and they love it. Not only that they get more than the usual walks around town, but they get to explore new places and mark new territories.

Don’t forget to take care of your dog and clean up afterwards, and don’t stare too much at the screen so you won’t miss him or any of the action happening around you!