Beginner’s Guide To Mountain Climbing

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They don’t call it the great outdoors for no reason, after all, there’s no better way to spend your leisure time than to do an outdoor activity, regardless what type of outdoor activities you prefer.


Not All Mountains Are The Same

Mountain climbing is one of the most difficult and most challenging outdoor activities. Some claim that it is not for everybody and that you should be extremely cautious when you’re climbing a mountain. While we agree that caution is absolutely necessary and required, it is still possible to start climbing mountains, even if you haven’t done it before.

Namely, not every mountain is the same, some are easier to climb than others, so even a beginner can climb a mountain. In fact, you can even do so without breaking a sweat, of course, if you know which mountain is the right choice for your level of readiness.

Start With Hills

Firstly, you should start climbing hills, and when we say hills we mean nothing taller than 600 metres, or if you are climbing a mountain that’s taller don’t try to reach the peak or the summit on your first attempt.

Once you managed to climb a hill, do the same hill again, but this time keep track of your time and then the third time try to do it faster and then again even faster. Once you are done with your first hill, then you can move onto a taller hill, climb it several times and then move onto a third hill, before you finally take up a more serious challenge.

Some Easier Tall Mountains

You need to take into consideration the fact that the height of the respective hill or mountain isn’t thing that matters. Often, a taller mountain can be a lot more difficult to climb compared to a shorter one. It depends on the terrain, the steepness, how many people have climbed the mountain before and so on.

For instance, there are several pretty tall mountains that aren’t considered to be too difficult to climb.

Mount Fiji, a Japanese mountain that stands at 3,776 metres is always listed as one of the tall mountains that are particularly easy to climb. The standard hike route begins somewhere at 2,3000 meters and goes up to the very top. Bear in mind that you can climb this mountain only during the summer, in July and August.

Tofana di Rozes is a mountain located in the Veneto region of Italy. The peak is 3,225 metres with the route beginning somewhere at 2,000 metres. It takes about five hours to reach the peak and it is not considered to be too difficult.

There are few US mountains that are considered to be relatively easy, including Mount Hood which stands at about 3,426 metres.