Dealing With Outdoor Activities

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There are some outdoor activities which haven’t changed in the last few years, or even in the last few decades. For instance, a game of football will always be a game of football. In the past they used to play on fields and in parks and nobody had special equipment, whereas nowadays we book football fields and each of us carries football shirts and boots.

Equipment gets more sophisticated, we have more comfortable trainers and tracksuits these days, but the core of all outdoor activities and sports remains the same. Mobile phones are often a distraction from our daily tasks, but they can be very helpful too.

There are plenty of apps which can prove to be very useful if you want to engage in various outdoor activities. You are probably familiar with some distance tracking apps, and apps that tell you how much calories you can burn by doing certain activities.

Take Regular Breaks

We would like to suggest something a bit different this time. What if we tell you that you could use links that aren’t directly connected to sports activities to reward yourself after completing a special task, or a milestone. So, let’s say that you’re trying to complete a five-mile run. However, you aren’t ready to complete the whole run at first. Then you can divide it into two runs of two and a half miles each. After completing the first run, you can give yourself a rest and do some fun activity on your smartphone. 

Play Games

If you are more into conventional games, then you can download a first-person shooter or a sports game from Google Play or The App Store and play it during your break. The same can be applied on any type of outdoor activity. For instance, if you’re cycling and you’re trying to cycle for 15 miles a day, but you can’t do it in one go, stop after seven or eight miles and do something fun for 15 minutes or half an hour and then continue your cycling session.

If you are swimming it might be a bit trickier, as you’d have to get out of the water, but if you think about that, that will actually enable you to take a rest from swimming and do something else for a while.

Diversity Is the Key

The important thing is to find balance between outdoor activities and virtual activities like gaming. It is not good to force yourself to do more activities than you could handle, but you shouldn’t take too long breaks either.

Working out shouldn’t be a boring routine, you’re not a robot, so you should give yourself a break. In one of our previous articles we have explained that it is best to do more than one activity if you want to work all your muscle groups.

It is also good to do a variety of fun activities, so that you would activate different parts of your brain.