Find Your Best Place to Stargaze

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Stargazing is a lost form of entertainment. This experience is as ancient as humankind, but we have disconnected from it and have lost so much from ourselves because of that. Looking at the stars can only be done at night and to millions of people around the world this is not an option because artificial light has become so pervasive that it is hard to find a place without light pollution. If you want to rekindle your true human nature, one step to make is going in deep nature, far away from urban life, to discover your piece of heaven. Doing that requires stepping out of your boundaries of typical movement, but also recognizing this as a form of entertainment.

Tackle Your Lack of Sleep

First, the mechanics of how light interferes with stargazing and why you should do it. Light emission is a major disturbance to the natural order of the night. It affects us in such profound ways that millions upon millions of people around the world have disturbed sleeping patterns, that is, the organism’s circadian rhythm. Sleep deprivation causes genuinely calm people to be irate and sometimes act irrationally. Sleeping under open skies corrects this disturbance and helps the brain to revert back to its natural working patterns. This requires maximum dedication in separating oneself from electronic devices late at night. Sleeping in the open is great and stargazing is the bonus.

Light Pollution

The most important thing here is to find a place that is free of light pollution. How do you go about doing that? Well, it may require of you to make a dedicated effort. First you need to discover a place with the minimum amount of light pollution. Use google maps and look for a rural area that is far away from a city, which is a major source of artificial light. Ideally, the sweet-spot will be tucked behind a hill or even better, it will be nestled between hills, so that the light that is emanated from nearby populated areas is blocked to an extent.

Once you have found your place you need to follow the weather patterns and make sure that the skies are clear when you have ventured out. Even if it will be cloudy, the sleep will do you good, but clear skies will open up a view that you may have not seen before. The sky is filled with stars and there are many levels. Those that seem near appear so because there are layers and layers of stars that are above them. These form a viscous pattern that becomes visible when you have zoned out – or zoned into – the stars.

Relax Your Mind

Stargazing requires a clear mind. Once you have emptied your mind of thoughts, staring in the sky will start to bring you the reward that you deserve. Soon enough you will find out that the sky has “depth” to it and the stars have a property of magnetism to them that locks-in the attention of the experiencer.

Now you have a clue that gazing at the stars is not a thing just for dreamers and ‘strange’ people, that it has a function that is good for the health of the mind and the brain alike. So go on, discover your favorite spot and look at the stars. This may take some time and effort, but consider it your pilgrimage.