Five Best Outdoor Apps

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The list of Five Best Outdоor Apps comprises free apps for both Android and iOS devices that can help you during your camping, hiking, or biking trips. Smartphones have become such powerful everyday tools, that they can help you even when you are in distress. Don’t play with your life leaving your home without your smartphone. If you want to play, visit some slots site like instead.


(Android, iOS: Free)

Komoot (Android, iOS) is one of those apps that are intended for hikers, cyclists and mountain bikers. The app can help you plan routes that are best for your trip. You can easily lay down routes, view such information as distance and elevation, surface conditions, and difficulty. Komoot app also provides you with turn-by-turn navigation, even on various outdoor trails. The app comes with offline map support, and users can download one detailed map region of their choice for free forever.


(Android, iOS: Free)

People who like to document everything when they are outdoors should check out Ramblr (Android, iOS).  This mobile journaling app is designed for hiking and mountaineering trips. It allows users to record many elements from their route, including average speed, highest point, and distance travelled. Users can also record geotagged text, pictures, video and audio, making it easy for you to recreate and relive the trip in the future. Additional Ramblr features include the ability to upload and share your trips with friends or check out where other fellow Ramblrs have gone to.


(Android, iOS: Free)

Yonder (Android, iOS) is another excellent app that allows users to easily share their outdoor experiences with a global network of fellow outdoor lovers. You can browse or search through the Yonder database of over 200,000 destinations, explore locations near you, or follow other users and view their activity streams. The app is great for finding out nearby trails and routes, as well as for the opportunity to network with same-minded outdoor enthusiasts.


(Android, iOS: Free)

One of the best fitness tracker app available on the market today is Strava Running and Cycling (Android, iOS). Strava is a top-notch fitness tracker intended for both runners and riders. Strava gives the opportunity to record your running speed, the distance travelled, time and course taken for both useful metrics and tracking.  It combines all this with leaderboards, challenges, and achievements as you compete against your friends. Besides Android Wear and Apple Watch, Strava app supports different running trackers.


(iOS: Free)

Cairn is one of the outdoors safety app that is designed to do two things. First, it gives you information on a map about where you can receive mobile signal (and also logs your location). Second, it allows you to leave your trip plan with your friends to let them know your whereabouts. If you are ever late coming back from your trip, your contacts will be alerted and given the map of the location where you were last tracked to. The app allows you to plan areas on the trail with mobile coverage in advance.