Music, Games and Camping

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Going camping is about being outdoors and away from civilization’s auditory and visual influences that are hurled at our senses at all times from various sources. In the past decade there has been a new source – our smart phones, which sub for television, radio and personal computer. Most people bring their phone camping because, most likely, we need our phone to get to the place, whether because we rely on the mapping system or because we have other valuable information on it. But once we are there, do people tuck their phone away and forget about it or do we fail the urge to check our geed or messages? While the two latter urges are understandable, there is also the urge to play music or games while camping. So, what do we think, do music, games and camping go together?

Experience that Fulfills

Going camping is always a fun experience that is meant to fill us with nature’s finest: fresh air, lots of greenery, open skies and silence. This is where we rest our senses because our mind and brain needs it – and deserves it. Having our phones constantly on makes us reach out for our pocket to see if anyone has commented on the new photo or if there is a new message. We can’t live without them, but do we really have to be so dependent? Why can’t we leave our mobile devices alone at least when we go camping?

Louder not Better

Well, that is hard to do for most people because today the temptation is to go camping and maximise the amounts of fun that we have while there. Why not go for it all? Many people nowadays bring along a portable speaker. These speakers vary in size and output – some can be very loud and that is what people want – more bass, more volume, more fun. Is this really why we go camping? Not only do we pollute our own senses and rob ourselves clean from the peace and quiet that we so desperately need, but we also pollute the environment of the animals that populate the area. No one asks the animals what they think about this – of course – but if they could voice their opinion they would speak against loud music blaring from the portable speaker.

Do you Really Need to Play Like That?

The same is with games, although to a lesser extent. While camping, playing games goes to our own detriment. The animals may be annoyed by the glaring light, but it is us who will suffer red eyes and strained capillaries even in the one place where we should be free of this intrusion. Should there be a rule against cell phones and loudspeakers in natural reserve or camp sites? Yes there should be, but that is hard to enforce. People have the right to choose if they want to play music while they are far away from any source of authority. So the only solution besides self-control would be apps that lock the sound or at least block the volume levels for a pre-programmed period of time. That ought to show us.