New Camping Tech 2019

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If you are looking forward to enjoying a good share of 2019 close to nature, you are bound to spend some time camping outdoors. Making the most out of your camping experience involves not just picking the right spot but also having the right equipment for maximizing the level of enjoyment. Here we have few items that should be standard inventory of every serious nature enthusiast: check out new camping tech for 2019.

BioLite Wood Burning Camp Stove

Whether you are spending one or few nights off the grid, you will eventually need two things: power and heat. This camping tech invention provides both. You can feed the BioLite Stove twigs and keep a fire going to cook a warm meal. Taking pictures and shooting video of your trip will surely exhaust your battery, so why not plug in your phone to charge right into the stove’s usb port. This tool does two things and does them well. One obvious “deficiency” is that the stove can absorb only a small volume of fuel, so you will have to feed it nearly all the time, which is but a small inconvenience compared to the on-demand electric power that you are getting. With the new version of the BioLite stove, the power generator is actually the power bank, so you no longer have to charge your phone as you are burning sticks – you can simply use the power bank to charge whatever device you want, away from the heat.

Demiawaking Solar Spark Lighter

This is a cheap little tool that is as essential for the camping enthusiast as fire. It is a no-brainer to pack one of these on your camping trip because it light and doesn’t take a lot of space. The Solar Spark Lighter can give the spark that you might need to fire up the hearth without having to rely on matches or a regular lighter. With the Spark Lighter you can just place some tinder in the coil and tilt the dish so it receives some of the sun’s rays. There is another great use for this tool. In case of emergency you can use the reflective dish as a signaling mirror. You can either tie it on a piece of rope and spin it to mark your place, or you can tie it on a tree to act as additional attention grabber besides makeshift bright-colored X-marks.

Lifesaver Water Bottles

The company has a number of different bottle water with one common property: they can save your life. Whether you have gone on a major exploration hike or you are doing the Appalachian Trail, you need one of these bottles to give you a piece of mind when it comes to keeping hydrated. As we know, hydration is essential to your outdoors experience, especially if you are on the go. The Lifesaver Water Bottle acts as a water purifier if you have run out of water and you want to avoid getting some nasty stomach bug from the pond or rivulet you’ve found along the way. The bottle removes 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and cysts, says the company. So this is another one on our short list of essential items to pack on your outdoors experience.