Six Essentials for a MTB Ride

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Whether you are out for a daily ride on the tracks or on an exciting weekend at some bike park, you should always carry certain essential accessories that could come handy. To help you decide what to take on your ride, we have prepared a list of Six Essentials for a MTB Ride. The list goes as follows:


A trusty multi-tool is probably one of the most essential accessories when it comes to trail-side maintenance. They’ve been created to carry out most crucial bike repairs when out riding, saving your ride ending too early. The tools that a multi-tool should definitely include are the following:

  • Allen keys – The most important tools. The more your multi-tool packs, the better.
  • Screwdriver – With classic flat head and Philips screws remaining the standard on most bikes, screwdrivers remain essential.
  • Chain tool – If you get a broken chain during your ride, you’ll have to remove the broken link. A chain tool is a must tool for this.
  • Torx 25 – The number of screws with Torx heads on your bike keeps increasing, so the Torx 25 has become a standard.

Tire levers, patch kit, tubes, and pump

To repair a flat tire during your ride, you’ll need the following minimum:

  • Pump – A mini-pump which fits the valves of your inner tube or tubeless tire is most convenient to carry.
  • Tire levers – Usually come in pair with hooked ends on one side for hooking onto a spoke.
  • Patch kit – A decent patch kit should contain patches, rubber cement for the patches, and a small piece of sandpaper.
  • Tubes – If your inner tube is beyond repair, what remains is to replace it with a new one. That is why you should always carry a spare one.
  • Hydration

Dehydration is one of the worst things that could happen during your ride, so always pack some hydration accessory. Either you pack a water bottle or a hydration sleeve in your trail pack, it doesn’t matter as long as you keep yourself hydrated. Most trail backpacks manufacturers offer their own water bladders, but third-party bladders are also available and sometimes can offer more features.


Although not that crucial as your hydration, packing some energy bars or trail mix is a good thing if you are out for longer rides. You can choose from a huge range of products available, from gels, chews, and jellies to classic protein and granola bars. If you want, you can always prepare your own trail mix of dried fruits and nuts.

First Aid Pack

Whatever your riding skills and abilities, there’s always the chance of some minor injury happening to you or your riding buddies. So, you should always play some space for a first aid kit in your pack.

Rain Jacket

When on the trails, there is always a chance of rain, so packing a lightweight weather-proof jacket is always a good thing. You could either go for a waterproof or windproof but not both. However, fabric tech has improved in recent years and you can choose from a vide range of products.