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If you’re 20 or older it is probably late to start a professional athletic career, in fact, if you don’t start doing sports professionally by the time you enter your teens, there’s not much hope that you’ll play in one of the big leagues one day.

And if you haven’t been active in a while, you might find it difficult to take up sports. Just one sport won’t be easy, let alone more than one. Many say that triathlon is among the most difficult disciplines and while they might be right, it is never too late to start, and we would definitely recommend triathlon, as it encompasses three of the best and most beneficial activities – running, swimming and cycling.

Triathlon Practice

There are different lengths in triathlon, but you in most cases you’d need to swim at least 400 or 500 yards, then cycle up to 15 miles or less, and then run about 3 miles. It may sound like too much, but if you’re new to triathlon you can start with less than that and increase the distances each time.

Triathlon is a lot more efficient than weight-lifting and other gym activities, especially since it is done outdoors. Finding a place where you could do your triathlon practice might be a bit trickier, because you will need to find an environment when there’s water, a lake, sea or an ocean, and surface that’s suitable for cycling and running. Plus, it shouldn’t be too crowded.

If you have trouble finding the right location you can always do it in your local gym, although swimming in a pool and running on a treadmill isn’t the same as doing both activities in a natural environment.

If you can’t complete a full triathlon, then start with half distances. Or perhaps, if you are a solid runner, but not a good swimmer, you can decrease only the distance for the swimming part and practice more swimming than running and cycling. Feel free to set your own plan and programme and track your progress.


When it comes to equipment, you’ll definitely need to be well equipped in order to be able to do triathlon. First, you’ll need running trainers. Sure, in the beginning you can use just any old pair of trainers, but if you want to feel more comfortable and achieve better results, then you should definitely pick a pair of running trainers.

Cycling cannot be done without bicycle. Again, any old bike will do at first, but you should probably get yourself a more professional bicycle, because you can ride it faster and be more comfortable while riding.

Finally, you’ll need a swimsuit, which you probably already have and again, perhaps also a swimming cap and some other accessories that you might find helpful.