Workout Diet

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Last time, in our Short Guide for New Campers, we discussed things that new campers should do, and we went through the menu, i.e. the type of food that you should be carrying with you when you’re going camping. This time, we will also talk about diet and food consumption, or to be more precise, about the types of food that you should be consuming if you have regular physical activities.

A lot of people make the mistake of massively increasing their calories intake when they are doing exercises and are therefore unable to see the desired results and effects. If you want to see results from your workout routine you must eat healthy food and you must stick to few basic rules. It only makes sense to watch how you eat, when you are already putting a lot of effort into your workout.

Eat Carbs before You Start

For most of us, the main goal of working out is to burn calories, but don’t make a common mistake by assuming that you shouldn’t eat before working out in order to burn as much calories as possible. If you work out when you’re hungry you will get tired a lot more quickly and you wouldn’t be able to work as hard as you would if you have eaten something before.

Ideally, you should be consuming simple and healthy carbohydrates like wholegrain bread, brown rice, fruits, or carbohydrate-rich vegetables. So, although you should be consuming carbohydrates, it is best to stay away from puddings, biscuits and white bread. Carbohydrates serve as petrol to your body, if you eat food that’s richer in protein or fat, it will take longer to digest, and you may end up having problems later.

If you don’t have enough time on your hands before starting your exercise, then you could just eat few pieces of fruit, perhaps a banana, a quarter before you start your workout routine. Also, don’t forget about the H2O, you must stay hydrated.

A full Meal afterwards

There’s no need to eat during your workout, although you should drink water in small quantities, but on multiple occasions. If your workout lasts longer than an hour, especially if it lasts over hour and a half, you should perhaps eat a banana, a low-fat yoghurt, or perhaps a handful of nuts or berries.

Once you’re done with your workout, you should eat a full meal. Again, carbohydrates are petrol for your muscles and since you burn a lot of them, you should include them in your meal, but you should also include healthy proteins, and a bit of fat won’t hurt either.

Tuna whole bread sandwiches, grilled chicken with vegetables, and even fish and chips are among the dishes that you can consume after working out. It’s best to avoid fizzy drinks and alcohol, but you may have a cuppa if you feel like it.

Keep Your Focus

It can be a bit difficult to stick to eating healthier stuff nowadays, since food is everywhere, you will alluring images of tasty stuff as soon as you log in to your social media accounts.