Workout – Tips for Beginners

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Last week we discussed workout diets, well, not so much a particular diet, more of broader instructions as to what you should and should not eat when you’re working out. Still, it only makes sense to be on a workout diet if you’re actually work out. Therefore, we decided to give you some suggestions on the best possible workouts for people who haven’t been pretty active.

Take It Slow

The first thing that you should know if you’re about to start doing exercise is that you should take it slow. If you exhaust your body too much in the first few days, it won’t be able to the cope with the new level of activities and you’ll burn yourself out. That often leads to quitting altogether. People are always enthusiastic in the first few days, so some feel that it is good to do as much as you can, but experience and practice have shown us that this is not such a good idea after all.

Our bodies generally don’t adapt that well to abrupt changes, be that dieting, working out, or something else. Start with lighter exercises and shorter periods of time. If necessary, you can split your workout routine in few intervals during the day, or do short sessions every day, instead of doing exercise for an hour three times a day.  

Lose Weight First!

If you are a bit overweight and you want to start working out because you want to be fitter, it might be wise to lose some weight before you start doing heavier exercise. That’s because if you are doing heavy workout you will need to eat plenty and that way you won’t be able to lose weight.

You should start with a diet and some light exercise until you lose some weight and then you can start a more intense workout programme and build muscle mass.

Always Warm Up!

Even if you start with lighter exercise you should do it properly. First, before you start, make sure that you are warmed up. That way you can avoid getting injured. Every expert and every trainer will tell you that breathing properly is very important when you’re working out. And there is a reason why breathing is mentioned so often, it is really vital.

Start Light

It is best to start doing exercises only using your own weight first. So, for the first week, we would suggest doing push-ups, pull-ups, crunchies and you can also do some running, either on a track, or outdoors. Also, cycling is always a good exercise because it affects all major muscle groups and is one of the most complete workouts that you can do. It won’t help you build too much muscle mass, but it will enable you to get in shape.

Moving forward you can slowly start doing some lighter weightlifting, both bench press and conventional weights. Only when you are properly prepared you can start doing proper exercise. Consult with a professional before, always be cautious.